Saturday, 1 July 2017

15. Hidden Agendas

Whenever people come together for anything, there is the public, known agenda that everyone strives for. In business it could be to make money, cut costs, offer the best service and so on. But there is always the hidden agenda known only to a select few or so personal no one else is aware of it. That is the nature of any place where humans congregate. And the larger the congregation, the more diverse and varied the hidden agendas. And my family is no exception. Such agendas may not necessarily divert efforts from the known purpose of a business, but they are the backbone and reason behind office politics – as alliances are formed to move forward different agendas....
Tekla goes on to her room but the conversation outside bothers her. She would like to confront the two, but is not sure if that would be the right move at this time. Meline’s drunken husband Petro however, has no inhibitions whatsoever. He blurts out, ‘How do you quote the bible to support such evil intentions?’

Hoping no one has heard him, Meline tries to shut him up before he causes a scene. ‘Just be quiet! If you were doing what was expected of you I would not be hatching evil plans as you call them!’ He is about to make a retort but lucky for them, Junior announces:

‘Uncle we are ready. We need to leave now so I can get to Nairobi in good time for the ladies to freshen up before their flight.’ However no one is in a hurry to leave except Meline. They go on to discuss the travel detail leisurely; flight time, they are staying in Nairobi and their accommodation in Nigeria. Finally Mzee Zablo calls for a word of prayer.

Mzee Zablo, ‘Ok I think you should be going. Let’s say a word of prayer.’

They hold hands together to prayer in a neat little circle. Mzee Zablo prays for them. Junior is standing next to Baby who whispers in his ears as the prayers are going on. Referring to their contact in Lagos she says, ‘You know she did not confirm the booking, you could not get her on her private number. They better get someone in Lagos or you are dead meat!’

Junior on his part just kept things under wrap as he does not want Mzee Zablo to think he has been inefficient. He had exaggerated the progress he had made with the bookings however, he hopes that he will be able to get the lady from head office before his aunties get to Lagos. And here is his cousin almost letting the cat out of the bag. He can’t help himself but thinks – which kind of wahala be this. He smiles at the thought that he just thought in pidgin. The Nigerians are already getting in his head. Realising Baby is staring at him, he nervously stretches his neck and frowns in guilt.

Junior, ‘Shoosh!’

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