Tuesday, 20 June 2017

4. Opportunists

You met my famiy, I suppose it is like any other disfunctional family. When younger I was very idealistic - thought family sticks by you no matter what. I did not realise how much the general economy affects that. My family is not very entrepreneurial, more professional. With the increased lack of jobs, our general financial situation was affected, and more of us have had to go into business. But I have learn't not everyone who sees and takes up opportunity is a business person or entrepreneur. There are opportunists, from the me too mindsets, to the hit and run ...

Leila and Zan are busy with the babies, giggling and laughing. Elan has been talking to Al while looking outside the window. She disconnects the phone, continues enjoying the beautiful view and breeze. Zan notices she is done. Excuses himself and walks over to Elan. He puts a hand on her shoulder.

'You alright?' he asks.

Elan, 'Yes, I - '

Zan, 'You happy?'

Elan, smiles though she is still feeling tired. 'Yes I am. This is what I came to Nigeria hoping for - business, love, family - I got it all! '

Zan, 'Love? Did you really find love with him - they should have been mine you know.' He comes too close for Elan’s comfort, by the way she flinches.

Elan whispers irritated, 'No! Not now please!'

Leila noticing her brothers inappropriate behaviour comes to her friends aid by calling him. 'Zan do you want to hold a baby?'

Zan determined to take advantage of the situation, playfully hugs Elan, 'Naaahh I would rather hold the mom ...'

They all laugh though Elan is obviously irritated.

Leila, 'That infatuation will kill you o. Elan we need to start preping you to leave. Let me go talk to the nurse, the doctor should be here as soon as we talk to him.'

Elan, increasingly uncomfortable, wriggles out of Zan’s arms then holds her tummy in pain, 'Aww!'

Leila, looks up concerned, ' What! ... The stitches?'

Elan, still holding her tummy 'Yes'. The pain has just made her wake up completely to her environment. The pain killer had stopped her from feeling the intense pain.

Zan, now more concerned about her comfort than acting loverboy, helps her to the bed 'I am sorry, Hey let me help you.'

He carefully carries Elan to the bed. Leila leaves the room. Zan is happy to have time alone with Elan and assumes Al’s earlier position but Elan is even more uncomfortable. She requests him to prep the pillows and carefully sits back far away from him.

Unperturbed, Zan sighs, looks thoughtfully at Elan and takes her hands.

'I am glad you are happy. But with those stitches, I do not think you should be leaving hospital so soon, not today at least. Let’s have you properly examined - stay for another day or two'

The idea of the probability that Zan would be there to harrase her daily doesn't appeal to Elan, 'No way, Al would go nuts.'

Zan, 'Why? cause I can get to you. Come on now, my parents, Leila and I are the only thing you have close to a family here in Lagos, actua─║y in this part of Africa. If I may add, may be in your life right now'

Elan, 'not quite Zan, Al’s family is family now'

Zan looks doubtfully at her, 'Really?'

She nodes and lies back, closing her eyes. He tenderly touches her face, runs his fingers down the side of her arm. She pushes his hand away and points for him to bring the babies cot closer.


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