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30. Where You Headed?

There is no favorable wind for a ship going nowhere. Many people don’t know or understand who they are and live from day to day totally dependent on people opinion of them. It makes it hard to not only build networks but make decisions as each person you encounter will have a different view. If you have 50 people in a room and asked each to write their opinion on something, chances are, without hearing others opinion, there will be 50 different opinions, Knowing who you are and what you stand for or want – your personal vision is the first step to being a successful entrepreneur. It gives you direction and a destination  ...

It was a great party, lots of gifts for Mich and Tunu and the grand-parents were more than elated. As usual Leila’s parents stood in for Elan as hers had long past. Her sisters were pleasant to them and the conversation was easy all evening - except for the little incidents with Meline. She eventually blacked out and was taken to the hotel and everyone had lots of fun after.

With all the excitement of meeting after so long, the sisters stayed on late. However given Elan had so many guest and the her newly acquired friends and family felt the need to get to know them, they hardly got time to catch up. Eventually they decided to meet for brunch next day at the hotel and spend the rest of the evening being good hosts.

The sisters hardly slept, the excitement of all the people they met and some of the conversations they had just got them excited. Most of the people were business people or artists. And creativity and entrepreneurship, having been a major topics in their family since they were children, naturally got the ladies excited. Despite sleeping late, next day they all were up by 11.00 and ready for a swim and brunch as agreed. Meline however, was still in bed, nursing a hangover and unaware of the planned meeting.

Their conversation this morning is all about the party
Tekla, ‘Did you guys see those people at the party?!He! Elan is living well and has the right company. I mean even her staff dress reeeeeally well, and the food! The décor - out of this World!

Jenny, ‘I liked the house best. I suppose it is the culture here to dress to the nines each time. Thank God we had the insight to use the designer Al recommended, had we gone with Meline’s advice, ghai! we would have been so embarrassed!’

Penrice, ‘She is living well, but did she really make the money? Must be her husband, he is from a rich -’

Jenny, ‘You and your jealousy! Can’t you sometimes just accept when she is doing well? You know the more I reflect on the past the more I realize we drove her away because of all this jealousy and ganging up. If there is anyone who tried to bring us together its Elan but we repaid her by rebuffing her just because she was strict. Come to think, I really don’t know where that came from because in reality she never gave us reason to think negatively - though she was firm but we are all younger she was just being responsible.’

Penrice,’True but I suppose each of us has been rubbed one way or the other by her miss perfect attitude. And you cause drama each time you want things your way, she is not your mum you know’

Jenny, ‘well she is the eldest, so the mom now. Anyway, I have been wrong but so have all of us. Didn’t realize how much she had put her life on hold for us till she actually left the country and decided on starting her own family. She never held back in anyway till then’

Tekla, always hating to reflect on the past because of the skeletons in her closet decides to stop move on to other things. Luckily the waiter brings their food earlier than they had expected thus making the transition easy. She gets out of the pool.

Tekla, ‘Oh leave the past alone already! Let’s just enjoy the Lagos.’ She opens the food and is surprised at the large portions. ‘Woooo! These Nigerians eat heavily, no wonder ni wanono!’

The food, mainly chicken and meat, is quite a lot considering what they are used to. The others join her and they soon start eating. They are hungry and though it’s not yet time for Elan to arrive they figure they don’t want this to get cold and she could join them as soon as she comes instead of waiting for her order. The pepper soon gets too hot.

Jenny opens a pack of juice and pours it,’ Na pilipili We! Lakini tamu kweli!’

Meline comes out, surprised that no one bothered to wake her up and not having a clue how she got to the hotel. However her bossy and arrogant attitude does not allow her to be sorry about the happenings last evening though she is pretty much aware of the drama she caused ‘Hmmm! You are already eating? Why didn’t you wake me up?’

They all turn and look at her then continue eating.

Jenny, ‘Hi cousin’

Tekla, ‘Hi Meline’

Jenny, ‘The way you were yesterday, we figured it would be best to let you lie in. We were expecting to see you later - in about a week!’

The sisters laugh and hi5. The joke was more about what someone said when she blacked out the evening before than mocking her. Meline seats down and starts eating as they explain the joke to her

Meline, ‘Eish! This is too much pilipili my daughters cannot -’
Penrice, interrupts looking at around sarcastically, ‘Where are they? Oops they are not here and knowing them, they both love pepper.’

Meline thinks of something else to complain about yet eating. ‘Well it’s too much meat and it’s not good for my health’

Jenny calls the waiter, who has been lacking around after seeing Meline join them. ‘We could order something else for you but it would have to be vegetable, the meat dishes are expensive’

Meline, ‘No I want this’

Jenny, ‘OK we’ll add a portion plus vegetable with pepper on the side?’

Meline, ‘No both chicken’

Jenny, ‘OK chicken with pepper the side?’

Meline, ‘It’s not the same as when it’s cooked in pepper’

Jenny, ‘mild or medium’

Meline, still wolfing the food down, ‘No just like this’

The sisters look at each other and smile

Jenny, ‘Keeping accounts for you guys is crazy. Just remember to get doggy bags for whatever is left over because we are not wasting any food’

Tekla at this laughing, ‘Hmmmm! Yes Ma ... Heeeyy! Elan!’

The others turn round to see Elan. They are all excited and stand up to embrace. Meline sits down sneering and finally shakes hands with Elan.


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