Saturday, 17 June 2017

1. A Dream Come True

It is was a warm sunny morning. In a small private hospital on the outskirts of Lagos, our dreams came true. I know for sure my dreams did and I believe this was what Al really wanted. We had spoken about this day so many times that I had started living it even before there were any signs of hope. I wonder, which of them will want to take over from us?

On beautiful Monday morning ELAN and AL are in a hospital room. Elan is on the hospital bed looking exhausted but happy. Al props up her pillow and lays her back gently. He kisses her forehead, all the time focused on her face for any sign of discomfort or pain. He is casually dressed in a polo and slacks. Elan is in hospital clothes. Just as she gets comfortable the nurse walks in pushing a trolley bed with two babies, Tunu and Mich the new additions tontheir family. Both parents beam and Elan stretches her hands to receive her babies.

The nurse goes on to congratulate them 'Congratulations! Here they are! Perfect babies!'

Nurse Kate hands over one baby at a time to Elan. Hands trembling with joy, Elan then hands the baby over to Al and receives the second baby. After ensuring they are alright Nurse Kate leaves the parents brooding over their babies. A few moments later, smiling, they look at each other

 'You made it happen!' They laugh, amused at how they said the same thing in unison.

'Well, we did it!' says Al

Elan is overwhelmed by all the joy and emotion she feels at the moment more so, grateful to have been given this opportunity to be a mother. She does not look a day over 30 but that was her age more than a decade ago. Her journey has been long and she clearly understands there is a place for miracles but even so, one has to be actively involved and trust the miracle can happen for them and is meant for them. She gratefully touches her husbands hand.

'You made it happen dear, thank you.' 

Al in his usual mischievious way can't help but quip naughtily. 'Oh come off it! Well I did contribute - the fun part!'

They continuing playing with the babies for a moment but Elan is tired. Al puts the babies in their crib. He then turns his attention to Elan who is now lying back.

'Hmmm! You did what was most important - love me unconditionally. Inspite and despite everything, you stood up for me and beside me' she says eyes closed.

'For us beautiful' He takes her hand and holds it while sitting back on the bed. He is concerned about his wife's tiredness but knows  better than to point it out. His mind shifts on to their journey together.

'Darling you are a strong woman. You know, it’s easy to stand when you have unwavering support - I had you' She opens her eyes and smiles as he holds her closer.

'The arguments with your mother, the pressure from your father and loss of your estate. You could have taken the easy road - gone for someone younger. This is a big risk you’ve taken and I will forever be grateful....' she says as she too thinks of where they have come from.

'Shoosh ... you are perfect for me. You know that by now ...' says Al. They continue savouring the moment enjoying the sunlight that is streaming through the blinds. 

Their serene moment is disturbed by the sudden opening of the door after a light knock which they hardly noticed.  Dela, Elans personal assistant, Leila her best friend and Zan, Leila's brother and their company lawyer come in right behind the nurse

'Hey, some guests for you, I will be back to get those two in 10 minutes.' says nurse as the little group dashes in excitedly. Al cheerfully hugs the ladies and shakes hands with Zan.

Leila who has been with her friend through her tumultous journey is almost as excited as Elan if not more. Greetings, kisses and hugs are joyfully exchanged and gifts given and put on the table next to the window. Zan takes a few seconds longer hugging Elan who pushes back slightly and snuggles back beside Al. 

'They are so pretty!' cries Dela

'You just sorted it all at once girl! - one touch!' adds Leila

'and it turns to gold! ' finishes Dela. They all laugh at what has been their tagline ever since they new Elan was having twins. She had wanted more than one child as she didn't want to go through the process of child birth twice. At 45 it was not only hazardous to her but to the babies as well. Thankfully, everything had worked out perfectly with no complications. Either way her doctors treated her with extra special care and she had more visits to the obstetrician than most pregnant women. While she did not feel any less older or tired than she normarlly would, she chose to go along with her doctors and husbands plan to keep everyone at ease.

'Elan, this is all your dreams come true!' Dela continues 

'yes it is Dela, yes it is. But, we are allowed to continue dreaming ...' she replies, obviously thinking about her next milestone in the long list of to dos she kept in her tablet. Her thoughts are interrupted by her husband who now has to leave and go take care of business. 

'Honey, let me go sort out a couple of things at work - will be back in the afternoon.' he assures her 

'Ok dear' She replies

Al leaves after bidding the ladies bye and giving Zan a sharp look while shaking hands. Zan smiles and saunters to the bed. He then pulls a chair close.


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