Saturday, 15 July 2017

29. Beyond the Sixth Sense

An understanding of the people around you is important for your success and survival. As a business leader sometimes people tend to tell you what you want to hear not what you need to hear. Pushing them to tell you staff only courses them to withdraw. Before your gut feeling and facts come to play, just understanding your key team members helps with your information gathering or decision making if their opinion is important - not that you want to impress them but so you know what to do where there's disgreement or conflict ...

Elan is having the same dream once again. She is sitting under a tree with fruits. However this time when she picks them and puts them in her basket one after the other they start having worms so she has a basket with good and bad fruit. She screams and throws it and immediately wakes up. She has disturbed Al slightly but he doesn’t fully wake up. She goes to the bathroom, washes her face and heads over to the nursery to check on the babies.

Mich is awake playing with the hanging toys on his bed. He immediately lifts a hand to be carried when his mother comes in. Tunu is fast asleep. Elan carries him and they go sit outside on the verandah watching the day break. She starts talking to him not aware that Al, who has by now woken up to go get Tunu, is at the bedroom door listening.

Elan, ‘Mich it is a crazy world but there is a lot of beauty as well. All the people we see each morning have good and bad. But one cannot tell as clothes and smiles cover a whole lot. You may never really know when you meet someone whether they are good or bad. But your spirit knows. And your gut tells you when you are entering good or bad territory. Always listen to your gut. And sometimes your gut, prayers and spirit work together and you have dreams. Your dreams, when they draw your attention to something. Pay attention. I don’t know how it all works but I suppose it is God’s way of helping us watch out for imminent danger.

Mich agrees in his baby language as though he understands. Elan laughs. Mich smpnuggles up ready to feed and Tunu cries out.

Elan is about to place him on a rocker,  'Let me get your sister.'

Al is now in the nursery 'I got her!'

Elan 'Is she dry?'

Al picks Tunu and comes out to join them, kisses his wife and son. ‘Yes she is. Kate must have changed them early morning before going to make their breakfast as usual.’

They all sit together watching the day break. Al looks curiously at his wife. While not a gut feeling kinda person. He is sensitive to other peoples intentions, thoughts and emotions - especially his wife’s. Probably a skill acquired from playing in a team – not everyone speaks out loud but to be successful you need to learn their body language and mood. He slowly reaches out and holds her hand.

AL, ‘Is everything OK?’

Elan squeezes his hand, smiles and nodes. Al thinks - this is bad, really bad. Is it the sisters or something that she was told at the hospital? He doesn't pry but she understands, when ready to talk he is there for her.

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