Monday, 17 July 2017

31. People Are Who They Are

 When people show you who they are believe them.They say is someone is gossiping with you about someone, chances are they are gossiping with someone about you. This I believe goes for many other things in human relationships; if together you are scheming against someone, chances are they are scheming as well against you. It all has to do with character; leopards don't  change their spots  ...

Elan, ‘I see you have discovered this peppered chicken. Most people talk of jollof but I think pilau is much better. Sfor many other things. However this chicken - This is just out of this World and there then there’s another called suya, basically mshikaki but the spices are slightly different’

They all node in agreement. They had tried suya the evening before going to the party and had loved it. They continue eating, chatting and laughing, Meline so comfortable now that she is almost nice. Finally Elan brings out the elephant in the room that everyone has been asking since Tekla raised it during the family meeting almost a month earlier.

Elan, ‘I must say it was quite a surprise seeing you all yesterday. A beautiful surprise too!’

Meline, ‘We have been wanting to visit for a long time but ...’.

Elan, ‘You too Meline? Meline in all honesty, that statement did not include you. If someone else said that, I would have believed it but you, why are you here? To swindle me once more? Put the final nail in my coffin?’

Meline, ‘Why are you talking like that? Those things happened long ago…’

Elan, ‘And some leopard changed its spots? I have forgiven yes but I have forgiven you one too many times. I am not the same Elan you knew. Once again tell me why you particularly, are here. My sisters, I understand but you, I don’t.

Meline is now openly embarrassed, it is obvious she has something to hide but will not come out with it. She looks at the others for support, ‘We were sent by dad.’

Elan, ‘your father - what does he want?’

Penrice, ‘Elan seriously …’

Elan lifts her hand suggesting she should stop talking, ‘eeeehe! I know how these people are. You think the reason they told you is why they arranged for you to be here? Meline and her father always have devious plans. Why are you here Meline?’

Jenny, ‘Well we were coming to persuade you to address some issues we have at home other than just see the children. And to make up with you.’

Elan, ‘What issues?’ she asks eyes still glaring at Meline.

Tekla, ‘Just brother’s children, they need fees and the house is run down. It needs lots of repair. And of course money for college for Meline’s children and Baby …’

Elan, ‘Brothers children, Baby that is my responsibility and I have sent uncle the money for the past 2 years regularly’

‘What?!’They are all shocked. No one had an inkling that she had been sending any money to Mzee.

Elan, ‘Yes I did. The past 2 January’s I have sent school fees for the year for all 4 children and for Baby’

Tekla, ‘you sent fees for my Baby? I have been struggling to look for money!’

Elan, ‘Ok what is going on I don’t understand’

Meline, ‘You are lying. If you sent any money to my father he would have told me …’

Elan, ‘Don’t tell me he is hiding things from you as well. Anyway obviously there is more going on than I can tell. So the first thing is that I should not be sending money to him …’

Meline, ’But …’

She decides to shut up realizing there was a lot she did not know. Her thoughts; How could her father send me on a mission to persuade Elan to send the money for the NGOS through him yet he knows he has already misused the funds for orphans education?

Elan, ‘Anyway, Meline I will find out why you are here. Meanwhile you can tell your father I discovered he has not been paying the children’s fees. Jenny let’s go to the reception I sort out the bill. You can’t keep staying in a hotel when I have an empty apartment at my place you will be much more comfortable’

Jenny, ‘That’s lovely Elan, but we have money for our bi-’

Meline, ‘It’s OK we may need the money for something else’

Elan, ‘Meline you never change. Always wanting freebies and to suck life out of people. Anyway you are supposed to be leaving tomorrow so it really doesn’t matter.’

Elan’s phone rings and she steps aside to pick it

Dela, ‘Good Morning Ma, how are you?’

Elan, ‘Morning Dela how are you?’

Dela, ‘Fine ma. I am at your house to drop the tablet but I did not find you. I also need to talk to you.’

Elan, ‘I am with my sisters - you can come here?’

Dela, ‘Yes, Ma I am on my way’

Elan and the ladies agree that they should check out the next day in the morning. Meline gets up to go to the bathroom and Tekla follows her there


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