Tuesday, 4 July 2017

18. Past Collections Helpful Data For Today?

We all collect all manner of data and information as we go through life. Often this is informed by what we need, the situations we go through and the questions we ask. Our desires play an integral part of data we collect. The quality of data we have determines the decisions we make, how well we are able to adapt and how strong we are mentally to handle issues. Ofcourse other biological factors and our genes come inyo play, but an informed person with quality information makes better decisions ...
 It’s a beautiful day. Leila has invited Zan to come over to her shop and see how they can work out her plan to bring Elan and him together. Though Elan’s best friend, Leila is so fixated on bringing the two together even though this is not going to work in favour of Elan’s marriage. This is because Leila's family is closely knit and when Zan brought her home they were elated. 

They had never accepted Nina, Zan’s wife who had ‘accidentally’  gotten pregnant and her bad attitude towards their son and grandson did not help matters. They continued to hope that Elan would one day go back to him and be part of their family officially though in every way they already treated her as a daughter and she as her family in Nigeria. Their breaking up was a big blow for them. Not just because she is a good woman, but because she is the only woman Zan truly loved or even spoke about to his family before the mishap with Nina.

The Hammads therefore, always felt responsible for the difficulties Elan went through after that; her depression and her leaving her country. Though she had forgiven and moved on, they continued to show in so many ways that she was still family and treated her as their daughter. They were also not convinced the footballer, who was much younger and had a very bad relationship with his family, was the right man for her.

With this background, Zan comes to see his sister a little earlier than scheduled and finds her busy working on the final touches of a project. Her assistant helps him look around for a gift for the twins while he waits.

Zan, ‘Something small that is decorative but they can easily get attached to. My son liked bright balls.’

‘Wow! Sir kids are complicated. You never really know what they would get attached to at an early age. They have to show some personality before you can determine that.. oh she is finished. ’ says Zippy as she notices that Leila has finished with the file she was preparing for her afternoon meeting.

Zan, ‘Ok think about it I will be back.’ He steps into Leila’s office.

‘Hey, didn’t think you would be so fast! I thought you would be about 2 or 3 hours -' she says hugging him and inviting him to sit.

‘Elan’s been sleeping most of the mornings and Umut is on a school trip for the day so I am basically free till much later in the evening. Well, if I am too early we could go out for lunch? That way I will not take up your working hours?’ asks Zan who loves an excuse to try new restaurants, food and wine. A habit he developed in Nairobi when dating Elan. The wide range of restaurants and cuisines in the city gave them a new place to try every few days and they never tired of it.

Leila, ‘ No, let’s order for something here and talk so Zippy can take her break. I have a site visit in the afternoon and don’t want her cooped in here all day.’

Though not what he wanted, Zan is pleased to try something different. Leila asks Zippy for a restaurant take-away file that they have compiled over time. The two sit at a meeting table in Leila’s office poring over the menus with Leila explaining what the different items in the menus are and which restaurants they are from. Finally Zippy leaves to make the orders on phone and Zan with a quizzical look in his face, brings the conversation to the reason for his visit.

Zan, ‘So....? What did you come up with?’

‘I have been thinking about your problem with my friend. I think I may have a solution of how to get this sorted.’

Zan looks at his sister expectantly hopeful. ‘Great! Lets hear it. You know I would do anything ....’

‘Ok, remember why she left you-'

Zan rolls his eyes and looks disappointed, there are somethings he just hated to bring up, they were better where they were, in the past. ‘Really! Did you call me to remind me of my shame and pain?’

Leila is amused at the site of her brother being melodramatic, ‘Hey! Chill bro! The reason she left you would be the same reason that would get you back together’

Zan emphatically shakes his head almost terrified at the thought that’s running through his mind. ‘ No, no! The last time I played around was the time Elan left me and I got stuck with Nina. I am not going back there-’

Leila, ‘ I am not talking of you, silly! I am speaking of Al. If we can distance Elan and Al by getting another woman in between then you will have one foot in’

Zan laughs almost sarcastically, ‘Hahaha! Great idea but that’s a tall order. Al has never been the type to play around even in college. He is a one woman man, and to the best of my knowledge he loves Elan - at least more than she loves him ...’

Leila, shakes her head not convinced. ‘All men are dogs-’

Zan is taken aback by his sisters digusted tone. Surely she was not still mad at him. ‘Woooo! I don’t know how you are Elan’s friend. She definitely doesn’t agree with you. But assuming your theory is right-’

Leila,’ Well there must be someone in Al’s life, past or present who he has a weakness for’

Zan who knows Als family very well having been their lawyer lets Leila in on some facts. 'Al’s weakness is not women, it is money and his father.’ Now everyone knows that why would this be any special?


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