Friday, 14 July 2017

28. Sense of Urgency

Often when people feel you not doing or behaving the way would like you too, they ask you to take it easy, to go with the flow. I have learnt this is never  an option for a man (or woman) going somewhere. A man with a purpose or goal has a sense of urgency. It could be because they have energy to get things done, know the opportunity will not be there for ever, or just don't want to see another person suffer because they slackened. Whatever it is, you know they are committed because they don't feel they have forever, and this does not mean they are not patient but even when they are, they are doing something. It is a sign of an entrepreneur, of purpose ....

Mzee Zablo has been talking to Shaddy while outside the Governors' House. He is here for a very important meeting the result of which could set the course of his legacy. He now gets out of his pickup, straightens his Kaunda suit and top hat and gets into the house. Mzee Zablo is the son of the youngest wife of Elan's grand father. He was born well after Elan's father, his half brother, had finished college and was looking to get married. Though not quite old, being the only Uncle alive, he is naturally accorded the most respect, thus the prefix Mzee to his name. He does look like a Mzee though, the result of many years of laboring in the farm before he was introduced to easier ways of making money by his nephew, Nadia’s husband Otieno. Currently, the business is not so good so he is on to other avenues – politics.

A few workers are hanging around as the governor is expecting his friends over later in the evening. He is shown to the lounge. He has been friends with the governor's father for a while. It was he who helped him arrange for this meeting. As soon as he settles down the governor comes in.

Governor warmly shakes his hand, ‘Mzee Zablo, welcome. It is really nice to see you. How are you?’

Mzee Zablo, ‘Very well my son. How are you? I have not seen your wife, children …?’

Governor ‘They went to see Babu. I am expecting some friends over you know how it is. Once the three year mark in office has past we have to start preparing for the next elections. When father called to arrange this meeting with you I thought it is long overdew. It is time the Kombuya’s got involved in the leadership of their county. When is Elan coming? What does she want to run as? You know she already has the seat, whatever she wants. Of course except my seat. I plan to do my second term and show her a few things before I retire! So how is she? 

Mzee Zablo, ‘Elan is fine. Eeehe she is coming soon. She actually just had babies so we sent a delegation. She will not be able to run ---’

The Governor continues as though he hasn't heard the end of Mzee’s sentence, ‘Oh she has perfect timing! In two years the babies will be strong and she can be fully involved in the campaigns. And given the work she has been doing through her NGOS she already has a foot on the ground and is aware of the peoples' needs. Unajua tumemwacha yeye lakini hajatusahau!’

Mzee Zablo laughs nervously, ‘hehe! La hasha. Hajatusahau kabisa’

Governor, ‘You know my last campaign, she provided all my promotional material through her marketing company; vibango, kofia, t-shirt and shades. That is normally one of the biggest items in any campaign. And the quality of the material was good. Some people are still wearing it. 

Mzee Zablo, finding he cannot put in a word, he goes with the flow. ‘Yes my niece always does everything to the highest standard.’ 

Governor, ‘Yes, actually because of what she did, we were able to save for the 20 IT Centres the youth are now using all over the county. The government resources were only spent on the equipment. And that too was her idea.’ 

Mzee Zablo is surprised ‘I see. 

Governor, ‘Well so what can I do for you?’ 

Mzee Zablo   ‘Well I came eeh’

Governor, ‘I was just about to have a drink and some choma as I wait for the other waheshimiwa. Why don’t you join us now that your niece will soon be joining us. You can then keep her informed of the goings in the county and what the plans for the next elections are’

Mzee Zablo, ‘Sure sure. Thank you.’

He follows the Governor who by now is already showing him the way to the garden where there is a cook on the barbecue. A waiter comes and offers them drinks. Some guests start coming in and the Governor goes to greet them and Mzee Zablo’s agenda is generally forgotten as they all start talking and making merry.


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