Saturday, 22 July 2017

36. Market Dynamics - Your Business Environment

In business there are always the market leaders and other players working to get a portion of their market share. A company with different services may be a leader with one customer group or service and not with another. It is imperative that if they are to continue being the leader that they are aware of the environment, who the different players are and strategically continually position themselves to provide on the next level of service. This way they dictate the market and the direction it takes especially if they are able to address the customers need. At Elan our core business is to set the trend because if we don’t someone else definitely will...
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James drives from the club parking lot after making sure everyone can receive the E-frequency clearly. The following scenes happen simultaneously as the different team members are driving home or are at the club, while using the E-Eye system. Dan is to follow James after the group following on his bike.
James, ‘I am still being followed, well, let’s go to the airport I will join Mark in Abuja tonight instead of tomorrow. Dan you will handle the meeting with Al tomorrow and remember the team is not to be brought up. If possible get yourself sacked.’
Dan, ‘Ok, that guy doesn’t like me much anyway, have a safe flight. We will see where these guys end up. Maria, are the eyes working well?’
Maria, ‘Perfect 360 view!’
James, ‘Remember installation on Madam’s car and her husbands. I will call her in a bit. Bye guys.’
‘Bye, goodnight --’
James drives on to the airport. When he gets to the airport, Shaddy who is one of the guys trailing him, figures this is a useless trip and decides to go home: he is unaware that he is now being followed at different stages by different people. First with the surveillance vehicle, then a motorbike and finally a tuktuk till he gets home.


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