Sunday, 18 June 2017

2. Temptations

So my husband left me to go take care of business. I am surprised that he left my side at this moment especially with his sworn enemy in the room. Normarlly Al is like a faithful pet. Whenever I am sick he is all I need. He will do the hospital rounds with me, ensure I take my medication and all that. Business has always been my headache not his. He comes along to work more to be with the me than because of a love for the hustle. In his perspective, a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do. I suppose, like most young men his age, his preference would have been to continue with his football career. For me business is a lifeline, entrepreneurship my raison d'ĂȘtre ...

Al arrives at Elan group offices still in his casual attire from the hospital. The office premises as exceptional, as the woman behind its ideas and execution. It is spacious with large windows and exquisite decor. It holds two companies Elan talent management and Elan Marketing and Production. As he goes to Elans office he greets the receptionist Olu and Marketing Manager Gina who were talking at the reception but immediately stop when they see him. They both greet him.

Gina goes 'Good Morning Sir' and Olu, 'Congratulations Sir!' . It is easy to see which greeting resonates with him most. One reason Olu is a favourtie in the organisation is this, tact. For a marketing genius , Gina doesn't seem to be able to pick even the right greeting for such a beautiful day, the day he became a father!

A l, in his usual flamboyant, all so confident style replies smiling at Olu 'Morning, Thank you Olu. Gina have you notified the managers of the meeting?'

'Yes Sir, last night when you called. Head office team are ready, we are waiting for Mr. Bonington of Travel and Nelisa from Fashion and Beauty, they are flying in from Abuja and should be here in about an hour.'

Satisfied with the reply, Al waves Gina away and while gesturing for Olu to follow.

'Great! Make them comfortable when they arrive.' He again gestures for Olu to follow. However Olu doesn't notice as she is still distracted, wanting to hear more of what Gina has to say on whatever topic they were discussing before.
Al,  'Olu - OLU!'

Quickly, stands up, preps herself, and picks a file to follow. 'Yes Sir, Coming sir!'

Elan’s office is comfortable and exquisitely furnished. A sizeable expansive and expensive work station on one end and sofas on the other. Display cabinets grace one end of the wall with various products the company has worked on. A neat white board with mind maps is soldered on the other wall. Through the large windows one can see a beautiful view of Lagos without the noisy the noise from the stree due to to sound and bullet proof windows. A TV screen runs ads of the work the company has done. Al is now sitting at Elan’s desk, busy on her computer. Olu comes in ready to take instruction

'I’m here Sir.' she anmounces, a little flushed.

'Do you have the schedule for Elan’s appointments?'

Olu, 'Not quite. The complete schedule is on her tablet and with Dela, I only keep the meetings she holds if they are to be held in the office. But I have access to Dela’s computer if you need any info -'

'Great! Just share all her scheduled meeting on my calendar will have a look at them after the meeting and let you know which ones to cancel or reschedule. I will be taking over her schedule.'

Olu, 'Yes sir, anything else?'

Al, 'I cannot find her tablet, where is it?'

'That’s with Dela. She keeps any important thing Madam leaves behind.'

Al, 'Hmmm! OK that will be all - for now.'

Half way to the door, Olu turns 'Will you be using your office or should I arrange for your coffee here?'

Al, 'I will be here.'

'OK sir' she leaves and shuts the door just as Elan's call comes in. She is obviously already missing wotk.

'Hey darling, you about to start the meeting?'

Al smiles as he was just about to csll her. 'Hey baibe not quite - waiting for Boni and Nelly, they flew in this morning.'

'Okay, you got there really fast no traffic??'

Al, 'It was early besides, you know your driver. He has a traffic sensor in his antenna - knows his routes'

Elan, 'True. Well, I just wanted to remind you to come with my tablet.' She obviously has no real reason for calking her husband.

Al, 'I believe it is with Dela?'

Elan, 'She is already on her way there. I told her to give it to you after syncing

AL, 'I got you - Should be done by three will be there to pick you' Al assures her.

'Thanks dear, you are the absolute finest!' replies Elan.

Al is now distracted by the door opening. Gina seductively saunters in. Her blouse is tight, slightly opened and acting all sassy. Al stares

Elan, 'Al you there?'

Gina suggestively tells Al, 'We are ready for you.'

Al, 'Yes, yes' he cups his phone and straight faced talks to Gina, 'Will be with you shortly'

Back on phone, he excuses himself,  'Hey darling gotta go now they are waiting -'

Gina sneers as she leaves the room

Elan, 'Hmm! well enjoy being CEO for the month! Love yah!'

Al, 'Love you too. You need to rest dear, will be with you shortly ... is Zan still there?'

Elan, 'They are both here - all’s well.'

Al can't help his contempt for tye man. 'That guy! -'

He hangs up and his attention is shifted to the meeting.


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