Wednesday, 21 June 2017

5. More Opportunists

Zan for me is one of the most perfect examples of altruistic opportunists. May be I am more sceptical of his intentions because we have history, but he generally knows how to take advantage of any situation and come out smelling  like a rose. But that is a story for another day. What I know for sure, very few people can remain selfless when what they desperately want is at arms length. Then there's the ultra ego or need to impress and simple greed. My family comes in all these shades ...

The meeting in Kenya is still going on. Mzee Zablo calls the meeting to order after throwing his trump card which has pretty much worked excellently. The rest of the meeting goes on pretty much as he had planned except for the wild swahili girl.

Mzee Zablo, 'ok ok, Yes I mean she is very, very rich. She may not be flaunting her wealth but you can tell from the activities she has been supporting and working on. I sent Musa’s son to check what was happening and he was lucky to get a job in her firm in Nairobi. He has been reporting to me regularly. It is important that we make every effort to restore the relationship with her.'

Nadia, having watched her relatives exploit her father through the years, seems to be the only one with reservations.

'Mzee, ni vizuri unavyosema. Lakini madhumuni si sawa. If we are to mend our relationship with Elan it should be because she is family. Sio eti sababu ya pesa zake - la hasha! Kila mtu lazma achukue madhumuni ya jamii yake - we should let her and her family be -'

Mzee Zablo ignores her, almost as one would brush off, a passing fly. He continues:

'Yes nilikuwa na sema, we need to send a delegation to see her - Wale walio kuwa karibu naye hapo awali. Nafikiria Meline, Penrice na Jenny'

The three smile. Meline proudly sits up and straightens her dress. Tekla on the other hand, on hearing both her sisters Penrice and Jenny are going for the trip and not her, will hear none of it.

Tekla, 'Nami je? What about me?'

Penrice, happy to be doing the trip with her gossipmate cuts in, 'Nani ata kaa na watoto?'

Tekla points at some teen boys and girls on their phones, 'What children - those? Those grown men and women getting married in a few days. No way - I am also going.'

She sits up determined and obviously spoiling for a fight, 'Naenda'

Mzee Zablo, goes on and ignores her, 'We can only cater for three .... by the way, as we talk please give Baby your contributions. We need to organise for the travel immediately'

Everyone shuffles in their pockets and handbags as excited murmurings go on. Mzee Zablo thinks,

'Greedy lot, you can get them to do anything when they think they will benefit'

Tekla, not discouraged by his  attitude, now raises her voice and begins to pull dirt. 'I still think I should go, why should Meline go - yeye si dada yetu! She is not our Sister and anyway they are not talking right now -'

Nadia, still convinced it is a wrong move interjects, 'I don’t think any of you should go - not with that intention. When she was struggling alone to survive where were you? Mmmh? Mlikuwa wapi? Sasa vitu viko shwari mnajipendekeza eti we want to go see her babies - Poh!' she claps in indignation

Meline, 'Shut up Nadia! You are only married in this family ---'

Once again Nadia claps her hands, 'heh! wabara! Nishasema langu'

Penrice, after reflecting for a moment and knowing her sister, decides there is no reason for Nadia's concern. 'Nadia, Elan is a very forgiving person. By now, she most likely has forgiven and forgotten the past.'

Still not satified, Nadia hestatingly decides to stop her argument but not before jeering Meline. 'Sawa, kama nivyo sawa. Hmmm! ... Lakini ana utu mara elfu zaidi ya wengine hapa!'

Tekla picks her fight and goes on by looking upset and almost crying, 'I am still going ...'

Mzee Zablo, knowing how persistent his niece can be and not wanting to justify why his daughter Meline should be on the trip despite her strained relationship with Elan, decides to grant Tekla her wish.

'Tosha! I have heard enough. We are sending a delegation and Tekla you can join them. Once again, whichever way you look at it, Elan has the ability to transform our lives. She has been blessed, she should be a blessing to us. She not only has the money but the influence we need. Not just in this country but in a number of African countries. And, her husband has some influence in Nigeria. We are reconnecting with her ...'

He looks away with a determined look in his face, asthough waiting for someone to say a thing. No one does.

Both Nadia and Meline look at him, Nadia sceptical, Meline with devious intention.


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