Wednesday, 19 July 2017

32. No Pressure, No Diamond

True character is revealed under pressure. Different kinds of pressure reveal different character traits. Like diamonds, human beings are so multi faceted. The right kind of pressure, situation or conditions will bring this out. I suppose that is why experiential interviews and other behavioral interviews are increasingly popular. When not under pressure, as in normal day to day life, one can consistently display a certain behavior that would portray them a certain way. However pressure can reveal true character in seconds ...

Until Elan’s comment Tekla had not forgotten or rather tried to forget Mzee and Meline’s conversation on the day their journey started. Now it came back to mind and not so sure what it all meant she decides to confront Meline. It could have been nothing – just Uncle trying to get influence as he normally did but if it was something there could be some gains with this information. She follows Meline to the bathroom. As soon as Meline finishes and is drying her hands she approaches her.

Tekla, tries to be calm but eventually blows up. ‘You know, I did think there was something wrong with the way your dad insisted on you being on this trip. But now Elan said it, it seems obvious, you have a hidden agenda. That is why each time there is someone important around you try to cause a fuss and shut us up. But you know I have been observing you. I also heard uncle talking to you before we left. I may not know what your whole agenda is lakini whatever you are up to, let me tell you usithubutu’

Meline, ‘Oh shut up! Your sister cannot be living in all this wealth when we are suffering.’

Tekla, ‘You say correctly my sister. Not yours. Neither is she your husband to provide for you. And obviously, she has been sending money but your father has not been passing it on. So why are you bent on making her life miserable. Twice you have messed her up, you are here for the third round? Why? And why would your father keep something like that from you?’

Meline, ‘That I do not know and she could be lying’

Tekla, threateningly approaches her personal space, ‘Anyway, you have been warned. And I am not talking as a relative. I am talking as me, Tekla. If you are bright choose not to do whatever evil your father sent you to do’

Meline tries to push her off, but Tekla grabs her hand behind her. Meline starts to scream then shuts up as Tekla increases the pressure on her arm.

Tekla, ‘Hmmmm! Surprised? Don’t you ever try to get physical with me. I am not afraid to beat you to a pulp. My sisters are respectful, I am not.’She releases her. ‘And you better not tell anyone about our encounter here. Big mouth, I have my eyes on you.’

Meline dashes off a little shaken. At the corridor she makes a call to her father not realizing that Tekla is behind her. As soon as she is done Tekla takes her phone and she is too scared to refuse her. A text comes in immediately after telling Meline her contact is Shaddy should she have any problem with the girls. Tekla is shocked


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