Friday, 21 July 2017

35. Team Work

One thing that's continuously amazing to me is the diversity of the different teams at the Elan companies. Though I am the same person, have the same values and vision and the companies are in different ways working to meet this, it, goes to show that a vision is accomplished  by quite a wide range of people and companies. A founders role is really to determine the culture that will work well with the type of business they are in and figure how you can get the best from each team and keep them motivated ...

James drives into the club parking removes his sweater, and then talks to one of his team members Jake. He had put him in the loop when he realized they were being followed. In the past, whenever a thing like this happened, he would notify the The Team and they would gather at this club to strategise. Naturally his guys started moving immediately he they got the message they might be needed. This club was one of their many meeting places. The team had been used twice before to rescue hostages. The first time it was by chance, by the second they had a modus operandi. James checks the recorded conversation with Elan to make  sure everything is working fine, then speaks to another party.

James, ‘You got that Jake’

Jake, ‘Yes I did. It is working perfectly.’

He puts on a lighter sweater, cap, and throws the extra clothing to the back of his car. He goes into the club warding off the ladies approaching him. He goes to the bar and asks for a scotch. The bar man serves him, then continues his work while observing the entrance. James receives a call amidst the noise and as he talks 3 other guys and 2 ladies come into the club and in turns find their way onto a side door that leads to a small room for their meeting. Unlike James who is of small build. The team consists of bigger stronger men. They look like they have a military background or spend hours training for Mr. Something. All have been hackers in one way or another. They hug and say hi as they  enter the small meeting room.

James, ‘Nice to see you Guys! It is weeks since we all came together physically!’

Dan, ‘that’s right almost missed you guys.’ 

They all laugh at his gesticulation as they sprawl on the seats spread around the room.

Dan continues ‘Heard you guys on the phone. E-eye is working pretty well. Was able to follow you immediately you switched the system on in the car, the phone reception was clear both ends the only thing was that I couldn’t do the 360 on Madam’s car.’

James, ‘I did not get to install it, was going to but the sky was overcast by the time we finished our meeting then we had ‘visitors’ and other things took over. Anyway, that is why we are here. I hope you took their pictures?’

Dan, ‘yep, already sent you.’

James looks at his phone and indeed the pics are there, ‘Oh great! They have Elan’s premises under surveillance we don’t know for how long and what they want. But we have data at least from Friday evening at her house and on Monday at the hotel where her sisters are staying. Dan please glean the pictures of the guys and send them to the team. Your purpose is to find out who their leader is, and who is giving instructions. If necessary plant someone in their organization or at least some Eyes.’

Dan, ‘That’s fine. But I think the first thing we should do is have eyes on both Madam and her husband’s cars. Whatever these people do I think they would be trying something around the two. I don’t think they needed to follow her today but followed you simply because you were with her.’

James, ‘probably true, but they are always secure. We can also do that tomorrow. However they seem to be targeting more than the two as you will see from the file I sent you they took details of anyone they could get to at her party. We can do that tomorrow. Now, we will be working together moving forward so while we still keep the online channels when we are out of town, I will get us an office. Madam wants us to work full time on new products and services.’

Everyone is excited - both those who have been going to work at Elan group and those who have not. The lot of them though very disciplined hate working in an organized office environment preferring to be on a project that allowed them to work at their own time as long as they knew what the deadline and parameters for performance were. Surprisingly this made them as efficient if not more efficient than the fulltime employees at Elan group.

Hamsa, ‘Are they all security equipment?’

James, ‘I don’t know yet but I also don’t think so. It could be anything. When she is ready she will let us know. So just keep an open mind. Any other question? --- Well if we good then let’s go party! It is long since I had fun and ladies, please get eyes on those guys trailing me.’

Maria, ‘Sure.’

Hamsa nodes they briefly discuss who would play which role and they leave. The guys continue talking for a bit as the ladies go to freshen up in the washroom and then one after the other they get out. Hamsa looks around for the two guys who are now seated in a corner of the bar. She goes to make small conversation with them while ‘waiting’ for someone.

Maria goes out towards their car all the time presumably on phone. She paces up and down while talking on phone then plants an eyes at different points round the car; on the left hand side, right lower panel of the car and the back wiper. She is done and ends her call before going back to the club.

By now, the club is quite crowded almost all seats taken and Hamsa is having friendly conversation with the two men. Dan, who has been in communication with Hamsa, now leaves their little meeting room and goes out through the back door comes in and picks Maria, they go to a separate table like they are on a date. James comes down sits at the bar talking to the barman while watching the days match. The evening goes on smoothly but the two men do not leave.

Eventually Maria, Hamsa and Dan leave first. Their vehicle, a van has E-eye’s field equipment. James leaves after the game though some of his guys are still in the club. He notifies the Team through their phone that he is leaving.

James, ‘Ok guys I am now leaving is everyone having a good reception? Please take a number.’

The team takes numbers and stop at 6 who is Jake, the bar man.

Jake, ‘6, they are leaving now.’

Obviously they still were interested in trailing him. Confronting them would not give him the information he needed. He could go home but what would the implications be?


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