Thursday, 22 June 2017

6. More Temptation

My interest in entrepreneurship started when the first shipments of yellow maize was sold in my country - Kenya. Many people did not have food yet shopkeepers were hording it to sell at high prices and politicians making a killing on relief food. I wanted to be the person knowing where to get the maize and getting it to everyone who needed it freely or at a price they could afford. This thinking was reinforced in high school. It's said, great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people. I never really put this to the test but learnt my lesson early. A classmate asked for my opinion on someone, when I gave it she went straight and told the lady. Since then, I figured, a better use of my brains was to analyse business ideas and what skills are needed in executing them ...

At Elan Group, key staff are gathered in E-oval room - their largest meeting room. Staff are talking to each other excitedly as they wait.

Olu, always amazed by her female boss's achievements cannot help herself. She starts the conversation with her two colleagues, Sadia and Gina. 'This lady is lucky o. At her age; fine man, this conglomerate, and now twins! Oh God, bless me like that ooo!' She lifts her hands in supplication.

Gina, always irritated at the mention or thought of Elan quips, 'What do you mean at her age?'

'Twenty seven now, eeeeh ... she can’t be a day older than twenty seven!' replies Olu, not sure about Elan's age

Gina, happy to say another negative thing about Elan points out, 'Hmm! She is well over 40! Husband Snatcher!'

Olu 'eeeeh! You lie!'

'That man was mine' Gina adds, thinking Olu is impressed that she had something to do with Al.

Olu and Sadia both can't hide their surprise 'Eeeeh!?'

Olu, acting innocent, contnues. 'But Oga, I saw his travel documents when I did his bookings last week, he is young -'

Gina, now bitter throws in her bombshell 'Hmm! She also robbed the Cradle!'

Olu now clearer about Gina's intention, smiles ' and he is a gigolo I suppose? hheeeeh! you bitter girl! That lady is fiiine! If I can live my youth and accomplish all that by midlife, I would take it!'

Al walks in and takes a seat at the head of the table. Everyone settles down quickly.

Sadia warns the others who have not seen him, 'Shoosh he is here!'

Al, 'Good Morning!'

'Good Morning, Sir' they reply.

'As you probably know by now my wife just got twins over the weekend. A few weeks earlier than we expected but babies and mom are fine -'

Everyone claps and cheers but Gina and Sadia look on, hardly impressed.

'Moving forward, she will not be actively involved in the company operations any more.' continues Al. The news doesn't seem to please anyone by the murmurings that go on after he announces this. Dela voices everyones thoughts:

'Sir? I thought she was away for only -'

Al interrupts sharply, 'Dela please do not interrupt!' he then continues in normal tone.

'So, moving forward managers who were reporting to Elan will now report to me. Those who reported to me will continue to do so. Mid managers continue to report to you. Basically what I am saying is that everything else remains the same except for those who were reporting to Elan. We will have the advisory board meeting tomorrow afternoon as scheduled. Bonington and Nelisa, we will have a meeting later this afternoon and tomorrow morning for you to brief me. Please schedule an hour each with Dela. Ojay and Gina, we meet after this meeting as earlier scheduled with Elan. Any questions?'

Gina voices her desire, 'Are you saying Madam is not coming back after her maternity -?'

'I am saying from today, you will be reporting to me. That is the order of things right now. Am I understood?' asks Al irritated.

'Yes sir' the group choruses.

'Ok let’s get back to work, meeting adjourned.'

The team stands up to leave. A few staff stop to congratulate him, shake hands and enquire about the babies gender. Sadia hangs around keeping busy while waiting for Al to be alone. As soon as the room is empty she looks up.

Al, 'Yes Sadia?'

Beaming she saunters towards him, 'Sooo, you finally got her out of the way? Boy you rock! I have missed you ...'

She puts her arms round his neck and kisses him. Al stands like a deer caught by headlights in the middle of the road on a dark night.


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