Tuesday, 11 July 2017

25. Opportunities Abound

I believe there is no saturated sector in this continent. Opportunities for business abound every where in our environment. Often they are glaring yet we miss them. Sometimes because we don't know better, other times because we are afraid or intimidated, most of the time because we are living in our own little world. The one thing one can do to open up their eyes immediately is be personable, mingle, talk to people, listen and network ....

It is a few minutes after Al has informed everyone that Elan is fine and will be joining them shortly. He invites their guests, who are now about fifty to the barbecue in the garden. The ladies from Kenya prefer to wait till she comes down despite Al's request that they join him. They are in the living room whispering amongst themselves; so worried and embarrassed. By now most of the party has moved outside

Jenny, ‘That was too much of a surprise. We should have notified - her it’s been too long. 

Meline, not knowing when to stop says spitefully, ‘Oh please, it doesn’t matter. It is the guilt enjoying all this wealth when---’ 

Penrice cannot believe her audacity and gets angry. She tells her off though trying to keep it low, ‘what guilt exactly Meline? If anyone should be guilty here it is you. You stole from my sister, made her a pauper. You are the reason she left the country in the first place to seek new opportunities. The reason she stopped calling was all your gossip and you know it. I don’t even know why you are here.’

Meline is surprised at the reaction of her gossip buddy and is short of words. ‘She is my cousin ---’ 

Jenny, ‘Actually Meline I don’t think you should have come. May be you should go back to the hotel. She fainted when she saw YOU in particular.’

Meline, not willing to lose the opportunity to accomplish one of the missions for the trip loudly replies, ‘I am not going anywhere’

Tekla, not amused at her insolence and normally equally capable of drama is already crying and angry yet keeping it low so as not to draw attention, ‘Oh yes you are! You are not going to kill my sister for me, you gossip, big mouth, always messing things in our family! Nothing good happens when you are around!’

Tekla is about to drag Meline out when Elan comes back into the room looking refreshed. The sisters dash to her. Meline sneers and begins to work the room then walks out to the garden.

Elan hugs each one afresh, ‘Nice to see you all! It was quite a surprise!’ 

Penrice, ‘Are you feeling better?’ 

Elan, ‘Yes, yes I am fine. My! We have a lot of catching up to do! Why don’t we all go eat and you tell me about your trip and how you like Lagos?’

She leads them out to the garden where the rest of the party and buffet is. A few young people are dancing but most of the party guests are talking in little groups. As she goes she notices her husbands parents coming in and goes to welcome them and introduce her sisters. They follow cue, cutsy and bow albeit clumsily as this is not something they have done since high school drama not quite being part of Kenyan tradition. The effort is however appreciated by the Hammads.

Meline notices the introductions, tries to join the group but because of the people standing between her and them she cannot. They have moved on to the buffet. Her chance to be officially introduced to Chief has passed. She thinks, ‘the best person to have introduced me so he takes me seriously is Elan, oh dear dad will kill me! Chief is one of the most important contacts I must get on this trip!'

Al comes to take his parents to meet the babies and Elan follows them in after showing her sisters the buffet. Having ensured Elan was fine, met Chief, and serving, the sisters feel comfortable to mingle and join the party. On the other hand Meline is increasingly uncomfortable. 'Oh what the hec!' she thinks. She works her way in the direction of the bar, she will not leave this fine party with all the fine Ogas around.


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