Friday, 23 June 2017

7. Too Little Too Late

I did say Al is reliable. He has never given me reason to think otherwise. However, you cannot always guarantee anyone's behaviour, not even yourself! This is especially true if you are a woman. I have been a student of human behaviour for years now. I often am spot on about peoples reactions and this is good for business. However, even with this knowledge I cannot predict my own actions. Al is different, he pretty much is consistent, that means less worries and headaches for me. Being so stable himself, I wonder how he copes with me. My heart and mind rarely move in the same direction - at least not on matters of the heart; and for me, everything is a matter of the heart. 

Al unwraps himself from Sadia, 'Excuse me, what are you doing? What are you talking about?'

He is completely lost about what Sadia is thinking. Their relationship had ended months before he met Elan. Though he had helped her get a job at E-group, it was more for old times sake than because he felt anything for her. Her sin was unforgivable as far as he was concerned, or did he make a mistake?

Sadia, 'Al I have missed you, I still care about you.'

Al, flustered and upset takes several steps back.

'So? Look I told you it is over stop this , your, your destraction. I am now not just married, I have kids - just KEEP OFF!

Sadia, obviously thinking she still has a hold on him or that he is not serious steps forward, 'Because you are a father?'

Al, 'No, not just that. Because I love and respect my wife. It was over before Elan and dead when I got with Elan, don’t you get it?!'

Not believing the old hag could have taken her place so irredeemably Sadia pushes on, albeit in a way that just does not work in her favour.

Sadia, 'She is old enough to be your mother!'

Al smiles, one of those smiles anyone who knows him well, would tell you, continuing any engagement was a suicide mission. No one wants to be around when his smile does not touch his eyes.  'Hmmm! Have you really looked at her' he lifts an eyebrow, 'May be my sister. Anyway look you are also 10 years younger than I am, so why don’t you just let me be? You dont even want children, something she has practically risked her life for, for me!' he turns to leave the room but Sadia pulls him back and persistently starts begging.

'Look Al I was not ready then, I was starting my career - but I am ready now!' she pleads.

Al, doesn't seem moved by her plea, he pushes her hand away in bemusement. 'Starting your career? In what exactly? Frog hopping? You were playing me and my brother, wanted to see who would turn into your prince? Be more beneficial in your grande scheme? Look I may have issues with my father, but my brother and I, we tighter than tight.' He gestures for emphasise, 'Nothing, no one; parents, man or woman comes between us. And at this point exactly what would I be looking for in you?'

Sadia draws him close once again. 'Look Al, I am sorry, I was short sighted, I -'

Al, ' Too little too late Sadia. There are other frogs on the bunk. Look, if you are to continue working here, you better understand the boundaries.'

He pushes her away more firmly just as Dela opens the door. Sadia spruces herself up. Dela picks a file she had left on the table. She looks at Sadia in disdain and follows Al out the door.. Sadia shrugs.

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