Saturday, 24 June 2017

8. Entrepreneur Relationships

Whoever you are there is different levels of relationship you have with the community and people around you. When running a business or in politics the people around you form the pipelines of resources that you need to grow both as an individual and as a business. But they coild also serve as the pipeline to your destruction when that information is unfounded, irrelevant or just gossip toxic. Sometimes useful information exists in a toxic person. What does one do then  ...

Elan is sitting at the window enjoying a light breeze coming through. She still looks tired though prim and proper despite the hospital gown. Her phone rings and as the doctor comes in. Zan goes on to speak to him while she is on phone.
Elan, 'Hey Dela, how is everything going? How did the meeting go?' She is feeling more tired than she was a few minutes ago and looses her breath between sentences. While Dela realises this, whatever she has to say is very important, so she goes on. By the sound on her voice, Elan realises this so though she would rather just finish with the doctor and sit and watch the beautiful scenery, she listens on.
Dela, 'Quite well Ma. Mr. Ugo let everyone know he will be available to manage operations moving forwad'
Nothing extraordinary with that, thinks Elan, 'Oh that’s good, was he well received?'
'Yes Ma, you know these Nigerian men and their flair. He held his own.' can she just get on and tell me what is wrong? thinks Elan but laughs while holding her tummy. 
'He never let’s me down! Any other thing?' Elan decides to pry.
Dela, 'No Ma, I will bring your tablet to you myself Ma' 
Looks like we are getting closer to the issue thinks Elan but wonders why it all has to wait till Dela comes to see her. 'You need not do that. Just give it to Al like I told you. '
But Dela insists while adding an excuse of wanting to see the babies once more. Looks like this maternity leave will hardly be that despite the fact that I have taken just a month off thinks Elan. By Dela insisting on seeing her she knew what was bothering her must be important, but what could it be that she had not expected or thought through before?
'Ook, aaalright. Dela is that all? Anything else happened at the meeting?'
'Yes Ma,' Dela wants to talk to her but realises Al is standing at the door of the office listening. 'I mean No! No ma that is all.'
The conversation ends leaving Elan confused. She puts the phone down slowly trying to make sense of what just happened. 
On the other end, Dela turns to Al defiantly, probably expecting him to have guessed what she was about to tell Elan. Instead he asks for Elan's tablet.
Dela, '...I was just telling her I will take it to her. You have the meeting this afternoon with Bonington so I will just take it to her' she is about to go on with her work when his next remark makes her realise that her suspicions are not exactly off the mark.
'Aaahm you want to take it to her? Ok, Dela, why don’t you come in - let’s talk' says Al.
Dela, 'Sir?'
Al gestures for her to follow and goes back in the office. She follows him in.


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